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Toronto is the bustling financial hub of Canada, with enormous skyscrapers that help to give it a real “big city” feel. Toronto prides itself on having a hugely multicultural population, which is reflected in the stunning food. The cuisine in Toronto tends to be comprised of fresh, locally sourced ingredients, making the food just one of many ways to immerse yourself in Canada´s culture.

When one thinks of Toronto, and the towering skyscrapers, the first building that comes to mind is usually the CN Tower. This colossal building sits at over 1,800 feet, and provides a staggering view of the whole city skyline and beyond. This can be enjoyed with a quick visit, or if you are blown away by the view you can dine in style in the revolving restaurant that sits at the top, giving you a 360 degree view of the city whilst you enjoy your meal.

Toronto is also a haven for shoppers, with a wide variety of great locations to spend a day of browsing the goods. Eaton Centre is one of the most popular shopping malls in the city, which gives you access to brands from around the world. If you are in the mood for something different, then you can visit Pacific Mall. This is the largest Chinese shopping mall in Canada. Alternatively, you can visit St Lawrence market for a great array of goods, including stunning local food.

This Canadian metropolis is host to a number of festivals during the summer months, which attract thousands of visitors every year. These range from concerts, to food festivals, and of course Pride at the end of June.

The gay scene in Toronto is centred around The Church Wellesley Gay Village. This has built up a tremendous reputation for buzzing nightlife amongst other things. There are also accommodation and stores that are gay owned, meaning there is everything you could need all packed into an area with a friendly atmosphere. On top of this is The Queer West Village, which contains some interesting restaurants and bars.

If you want to get out of the city for a while and enjoy some of the stunning natural beauty that Canada has to offer, Toronto is only a two hour drive from Niagra Falls. Here you can find yourself watching the cascading water for hours, with various viewing points that help you appreciate the magnitude of these falls. This is very easily accessible by bus from the city.

Toronto has built up a reputation as a place where anyone can visit, with wide multiculturalism as well as a thriving gay scene. This is a great destination for whatever holiday you may have in mind.


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Great place and very popular, go and have a drink and a meal and maybe meet someone

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